A It is from 50,000 pcs which is 1-2 pallet ( Depends on the towel size) 50,000pcs is an annual amount of 200 pcs usage a day. However the shelf life of foil wrapper is 24 months which means, if you have 100 pcs of daily usage, it’s ready to go.

Foil wrapper is used 24 months and Eco product is 12 months in dark room.

Of course, you can. We have a range of fragrances including lemon, lavender, mint for foil wrapper and natural aroma oil of lemongrass, mint and patented scent of Yakushima cedar for Eco products. If you have your own scent (oil base), we can use your formula into the towels.

We are happy to store for you and send the goods under your advice. We are sending the goods interstates every day. Our storage fee and freight are competitive.

it’s about 8-10 weeks after your approval of the design and receiving the deposit.

Yes. we can. We have supplied cotton Oshibori towels as single use to interstates for 15 years. You can choose the grade of 100% cotton towels (from 15gram – 45 gram)

A Yes we can, we have supplied steel cutlery, bento box with wooden top, wooden cutlery set and so on.