Stanley Chinese Restaurant

Howard Smith Wharf, Brisbane

At the head of the new strip of bars and restaurants that is Howard Smith Wharf is Stanley Chinese Restaurant. A beautifully fitted out space with 2 floors and decorated with a 1920s Canton feel, dark and elegant and sitting under the Story Bridge has an excellent view of the Brisbane River. With inside and outside seating there are over 200 places up for grabs, but even so, bookings on weekends is essential.

This restaurant has not been opened in a half-hearted manner, poaching the head chef, Louis Tikaram, from EP & LP in West Hollywood, who oversees the Cantonese menu and the sommelier Thibaud Cregut, from Nel in Sydney stocking the 400-bottle wine cellar. As you are seated you are offered steaming hot oshibori hot towels to refresh yourself and again later in the meal to clean up with.

The food is delicious and spicy, and the speciality is the duck taking four days to prepare but prices are very reasonable for the quality of food, service and location. The banquet menu is $69 per person which is more than enough for the biggest eater.