Customised item: Manpuku (NSW)

Japanese Ramen restaurant Manpuku reached out to us at Xceed Towels as they were unable to find takeaway noodle spoon sets that were elegant and affordable. This led us to design and distribute our own takeaway spoon sets that matched the brand identity and aesthetics of Manpuku. 

The spoons have long handles intended for soups and are black to match the ambient colour scheme of the restaurant. A wooden craft base package was used, as opposed to a standard white base, as its natural and unprocessed appearance compliments much of Manpuku’s rustic wooden décor. 

The chopsticks included are all carbonised for the purpose of preservation and shelf-life. The serviettes are large and 2ply, with the dimensions of 33cm squared. We believe that serviettes have a considerable impact on the overall presentation of a brand and can create a great impression on patrons! 

Those spoon sets are currently stocked at our warehouse and  shipped regularly by request.